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Interested in helping guide the future of PPLE, organizing events, gaining professional skills and having some fun outside of the classroom? Fill out the form below to apply! 


AIM is now accepting applications for the Freshmen Weekend and AIMweek Committees



Not sure what committee or position to apply for? Find more information on our committees and the available positions below!

Heading 2

Every committee consists of the following positions:


The chair is responsible for maintaining an overview of the whole committee and are the liaison between the committee and the board.



The left hand of the chair, responsible for the administrative aspects of the committee; taking minutes during the meetings and managing internal communication through emails 


The one in charge of the money! You overview the committee's finances, ensuring your event sticks to and makes the most of its budget. 


You are responsible for establishing and maintaining communication and relationships with third parties relevant to your committee.



You are in charge of creating all promotion posts and getting people pumped for your events, so take all your creativity and come up with innovative designs!

Programme Officer

You are in charge of designing and leading the activities relevant to your committee. You ensure that all activities run smoothly and cater to

the interests of all potential attendees. 




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Freshman Weekend

Committee applications close on Friday, 2 February at 23:59.

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