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Athenaeum Book Sale

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AIM is happy to partner with Atheneum Boekhandel for its bi-annual book sale.

Athenaeum is one of the largest independent bookstores in Amsterdam with multiple locations in the city!

Thanks to our partnership, all AIM members have a 15% discount on academic books during the official semester booksale using the following link:

Non-AIM members can use the link below: 




The booksale is open from January 17th to February 4t(@23:59) for those who wish to buy their books with the membership discount. 

If you wish to have your books delivered to the AIM room, you can pick them up at any time between 11 am and 5 pm from February 6th. 

You may also buy the books without the membership and indicate that you wish to have a membership. In that case you may still order the books with a member discount (use the non members link for this option).

In addition, all AIM members receive a year-round 10% discount on all non-Dutch books they order (university-related or not) through a QR code (in store) or through the members link on this page. 

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