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AIM's committees are the centerpieces of our association. Our talented active members organize professional, innovative and memorable events for the PPLE community.


Scroll down to find out more information about each committee!

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Lustrum Committee

The Lustrum Committee is a very special committee since this year’s Lustrum celebrates AIM’s and PPLE’s 10-year anniversary. The committee will work together with PPLE to create an unforgettable Lustrum week for student, as well as staff and alumni. A week of events, including a career day and a gala will ensure long-lasting memories.


Freshmen Weekend Committee

The Freshmen Weekend usually happens in October, and is the best chance for the new first years to bond, make friends and get comfortable with each other. The Committee is responsible for the planning the activities and searching for a suitable location, but most importantly for making sure everyone is having a great time during this weekend.

AIMweek Committee

The AIMweek Committee is in charge of organizing events during the annual AIMweek (Welcoming week for first year uni students in the last week of summer holidays) specifically for PPLE students, to meet their fellow classmates, meet some of the older students, explore Amsterdam, get a first glimpse into uni life and create a chance to bond. 


Awareness Committee

Is there something you've always wanted to raise awareness for but lacked the platform? The Awareness Committee is here to assure socially relevant issues get their due spotlight in our community. This is done by regularly discussing important topics on the AIM for Change Podcast and organizing inclusive events like the Pride Borrel last year. Everyone is invited to help and foster positive change - join this committee if you're serious about improving our community for the better.

Party Committee

This committee organizes the biggest events of the year, with amazing parties and borrels to really get to know your fellow PPLE students and make the most out of time in Amsterdam. Last year's highlights include the Boat Party and the Spring Formal.

If organizing some of the most memorable events of your university life and gaining valuable event management skills sounds like something for you, don't miss your chance to apply for the Party Committee!


Academic Committee

If you want to enhance PPLE students' academic career and promote personal growth outside the classroom, this is the perfect committee for you. Our Academic Committee encourages all kinds of talent to flourish and skills to develop. From literary festivals and mock debates, to panel discussions and interviews - the possibilities for fun academic events seem almost endless. Joining the Academic Committee will provide you lots of chances to broaden the PPLE curriculum with topics you are passionate for and satisfy your own curiosity.

Sports Committee

The committee that aims to bridge the gap between parties and purely academic events by strengthening the PPLE community spirit. It will work to create fun and inclusive sports events for PPLE students to participate in with their friends and fellow students.

Do you want to connect your peers through fun competitions, share the joys of your favorite sport with your fellow students, and make AIM history? Then this is the right committee for you.


Arts Committee

The Arts Committee organizes all kinds of art-related events, from visiting one of Amsterdam’s many museums and arranging workshop for PPLE students to hone their artistry to setting up exhibitions in the PPLE building and running art competitions.

Don't worry: artistic talent isn't required to participate in any of the events nor is it needed to join this committee. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the beauty of art - and if you want to be the one encouraging your fellow students' artistry, this is the committee for you.

Buddy Committee

The Buddy Committee plays an integral role in supporting freshmen in their integration into PPLE life. Managing the AIM Buddy Program, it pairs first-years with upperclassmen and organizes various buddy events for PPLE students to grow closer. Last year's activities ranged from a painting event and thrift shopping to exclusive buddy borrels.

If you are interested in meeting students from other years and want to be the one behind creating lasting friendships, you're more then welcome to join this committee (no matter your year)!


MUN Committee

Diplomacy, public speaking and debates are your thing? Then welcome to the MUN Committee (Model United Nations). This team's activities are mainly centered around and leading towards one big event at the end of the year: the DamMun Conference, a simulation of a UN conference with participants from all over the Netherlands.

If the idea of facilitating this academic exchange excites you and you want to flex (or develop) your organizational skills in PPLE, don't hesitate to join the MUN Committee!

Third Year Weekend Committee

Attention third-years: joining this committee will give you the chance to organize the perfect end to your time in PPLE. A weekend to party with the people you have gone through your Bacherlor's together is bound to be fun - but you can be the one to make it truly unforgettable.

You can decide what games and challenges to put your peers through and organize the party of a lifetime. Joining the Third-Year Committee means making the best out of this final bonding moment and make your time in PPLE end with a blast.

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