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Get in touch with a motivated and diverse student body at PPLE


PPLE is an interdisciplinary honors program that prepares students to tackle modern societal and global issues from an interdisciplinary lens, forming innovative solution in the process. In doing so, students gain analytical and problem solving skills useful for their careers. 

PPLE has a very diverse student body from over 50 countries with diverse interests. AIM PPLE attracts over 80% of the PPLE student body and offers them opportunities to enhance their social and career-related lives. 

We strive to connect companies through our vacancy platform and career-related events. For example, AIM sponsors the annual Springboard, a joint career event with Amsterdam University College.

Career Portal

Our Career Portal reaches over 700 motivated students within PPLE. 

We offer two promotion packages for companies wishing to be on the career portal:

Short Term:

  • Vacancy posted on the career portal and promoted through Instagram. 

  • Perfect for companies wishing to promote only one vacancy 

Long Term: 

  • Promotion through Whatsapp and Instagram of company name and position.

  • Weekly Vacancies Posted for one month

  • Company logo on website and partners page

  • Vacancy posted on career Portal

  • Perfect for companies who wish to promote several vacancies regularly. 

Interested in having your name on our website or our other platforms, reach us through our vacancy form below or write an email to

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