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AIM is proud to annouce a new partnership with Woodyoucare!

Woodyoucare is a company that allows companies and individuals to add to their tree planting initiative and CO2 offset practices. Through various initiatives, they aim to reduce CO2 and heat stress, and contribute increased oxygen in the air and fertile soil. 

The company works on a donation basis, whereby individual, corporations, and associations can donate on a regular basis, through lump sum donations, or by attaching a donation to each ticket sold. Donations wither go to intitiatives such as carbon offsetting and the planting of a new "forest." 

At AIM, we plan to build our own "forest" through tree donations which will be attached to each ticket sold. Whenever an event ticket is bought, you will have the option of donating an extra euro to the "AIM Forest." Members can also donate individually through the link below!

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