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Board Applications

April 25 - May 8

It's that time of the year: AIM is now accepting applications for board positions for the 2022/23 academic year.

With the link below, you'll be sent to a form that will give you all the necessary information on the application process, such as what you need to submit by the deadline of 23:59 on Sunday, the 8th of May.

If you have any questions regarding this process or on the board year itself, feel free to drop us a message on our Instagram, or drop by the AIM Room (E1.16, first floor PPLE building) between 11:00 and 17:00 Monday-Friday.

Not sure what position to apply for?

Check out some brief descriptions of the duties and expectations of each position below!


  • Chairing weekly meetings, ensuring agenda is set

  • Organizing General Assemblies w/ Presidium (3+ per year)

    • Taking the lead with Year Plan and Half-Year Report

    • Forming the Advisory Board and Application Committee

  • Organizing Board Weekends

  • Maintaining internal communications with:

    • All PPLE staff, most importantly:

      • Dean of PPLE

      • Education Desk

    • Advisory Board

    • Presidium

  • Checking in on other Board members


Internal Social

  • Duties:

    • shamelessly copying flo's slides:

      • Interviewing & selecting committee members!!

      • Supervising social committees (can someone name all of them?)

      • Bridge between committees and board

      • Providing input and ideas to committees for event planning and assisting them in many different ways ( ;) )

  • Perks:

    • meeting people

    • choosing committees

    • a ton of impact on the direction AIM is goin


External Commissioner

  • Organising the CoBo (and other Board borrels)

  • Contacting all external parties: partners, study associations, and more

    • Settling terms of partnerships and being in touch with our partners

    • Maintaining and building relationships with other associations (=> going out for drinks together)

    • Replying to a lot of emails

  • Coordinating the organisation of Career Event

  • Organising the Booksale

  • Overseeing the Alumni Committee and representing AIM in the Alumni Network Board

  • Spamming MO for promo

  • Networking!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-25 at 11.43_edited.jpg

Marketing Officer

  • organize/help out all 13 MOs

  • aesthetic/UI of website

  • maintaining/updating general brand identity

  • funny one of the board

  • sending out texts/posting on social media

  • general creative brand stuff (merch)

  • know stuff about the community/all years

  • fun!



  • ​Manage the administrative aspects (ticket sales, events etc.)

  • Optimising and making the association efficient

  • Ensure AIM follows its bylaws and oversee bylaw changes

  • Taking minutes during meetings

  • Creating action lists for all Board members

  • Helping Chair with internal organisation of association

  • Website organisation



  • Create the budget for Board expenses

  • Assess and provide feedback on the financial plan proposed by committee treasurers

  • Non-profit x Proportionality

  • Set prices on ticket sales, merch, membership, etc

  • Connecting with PPLE administration for sponsorship

  • Manage actual expenses of all the 13 committees as well as the Board throughout the year

  • Present and explain financial year plan and report at General Assemblies


Internal Study

  • Duties:

    • Supervising study committees (Academic, Arts, Awareness, MUN, Travel, Yearbook)

    • Being a human bridge between the committees and the board -> receiving updates from chairs and informing the board

    • Providing input and ideas to committees for event planning and assisting them in many different ways

    • Interviewing & selecting committee members

  • Perks: meeting a lot of fun people, loads of events to go to, nice amount of responsibility, you can be flexible in your approach to the role :)

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