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Hey everyone,

We are AIM Academic, a study committee, and we organise academic activities and events. We are not only curious to broaden our horizons and learn new things ourselves but we’re also very passionate to provide additional learning opportunities for you, the PPLE community! However, this is not your average learning experience that PPLE can already provide. AIM Academic focuses more on allowing you to gain knowledge outside the classroom through activities that are both useful and exciting. In the past, we have, for example, held a Panel Discussion about Careers in International Governmental Organisations and organised a Literary Festival where PPLE students could showcase their writing skills and share their personal stories. As you can see, we aim to give you the chance to both apply your existing academic skills while also learning something new that will be useful for your future.
We hope to see you soon!

Ragna Diederichs - Chair

Konstanze Flemming - Secretary

Irene Jang - Treasurer
Evi Boot - External Commissioner

Kate Shavrova - Marketing Officer