AIM Dutch course

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Oct 1, 2019, 5:55:00 PM
Nov 30, 2019, 5:55:00 PM

AIM Dutch course

Lovely AIM members,

Some of you just started studying, while others might have already spent a year or two in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! In order to help you have a good fresh start into enjoying your time in the Netherlands or relief you from your shame of still ordering your portion of “Bitterballen” in English, AIM teamed up with Olivier Teerling to organizing the infamous yearly Dutch language course. Learning Dutch will not only make your time in the Netherlands easier but also more “gezellig”, as it will enable you to feel even more at home. Of course, the course is, per usual, open to students of all years.

During the Dutch courses, you will have 10 weekly classes of two hours. After ten weeks you will be able to read Dutch, write Dutch and have simple Dutch conversations. The course will start in October. Depending on the availability of the participating students it is decided when exactly. The location will be at the Roeterseiland. The price of the course is only 190 euros (200€ for non-AIM members) for ten weeks, including material and books.

In order to confirm your registration for this course, you will need to click on this link and fill in the registration form:

After you have filled in the form, you will be guaranteed a spot in the class. It is possible to cancel your registration up until five days before the start of the course. In this case, you will get a full refund. Please apply at least 5 days before the start of the course.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the course or if you have any hesitations about what you will exactly learn during the course, then please contact Olivier under:

Telephone: +31615373416