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The AIM Board is a team of PPLE students responsible for overseeing and supervising all twelve AIM Committees, as well as running the AIM Study Association in the background. The Board is made up of seven members, including the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Internal Commissioner Social, Internal Commissioner Study, External Commissioner, and Marketing Officer.

To ensure that the association is running smoothly, each Board member has specific roles and responsibilities, from securing partnerships and managing the website to overseeing meetings and providing financial support for events. The Board is also responsible for appointing Committee Members and providing them with the necessary guidelines and support to plan and execute events and activities that characterize AIM as a whole. Committee members are chosen through an application procedure and are carefully selected based on their skills and motivation.

In order to stay accountable to its members, the Board regularly presents its plans and progress to the General Assembly (GA), where all AIM members are informed and given the opportunity to vote on the reports and proposals presented by the Board. Each year, a new Board is nominated by the Application Committee and elected by the AIM members at the last GA of the year. 

Feel free to approach them whenever you have any questions about PPLE or simply want someone to talk to. If there is something AIM-related you do not feel comfortable sharing with the AIM Board, do not hesitate to reach out to our Advisory Board (AB).



Lea Stadler

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Vladimir Popov



Jack Chatterton


Internal Commissioner 

Oliver Esser