Lustrum is a Dutch tradition among study associations, celebrated every five years. Both AIM and PPLE came into being almost five years ago, meaning that our very first Lustrum is here! In order to mark this special occasion in a spectacular fashion, AIM’s Lustrum Committee has organized exciting events that will take place from June 4-7, while a Lustrum Borrel on January 9th will kick off these festive celebrations. 

So what does this Lustrum week look like?

June 4: Opening Night — Expect inspirational and thought-provoking speeches in a beautiful Amsterdam location, followed by a borrel. This event will be in close collaboration with the PPLE faculty.

June 5: Music Festival at Thuishaven — What better way to carry out an amazing beach party than hosting it at the one and only Thuishaven? To make things even more exciting, we are also celebrating the first Lustrum of Thuishaven!

June 6: Movie Day — Thuishaven wiped out a lot of energy, so on this day we look forward to relaxing with snacks and drinks for a series of special movie screenings. To make it extra gezellig, we expect everyone to wear their pajamas!

June 7: Gala at Kasteel Wassenaar — To close the week, we have organized a gala and sit-down dinner at one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands. So pull our your dresses and suits, loves, because this will be a night for the books!

This week could not be possible without sponsors. We would like to thank our partners (BMDW Advocaten, Bijlesnetwerk and GGD Amsterdam) for their generous donations and support. Meanwhile, if you would like to contribute to AIM’s first Lustrum, please feel free to email us at, so we can present to you the benefits of working with and promoting amongst PPLE students.