Committee Applications Open!

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Sep 2, 2019, 11:00:00 AM
Sep 15, 2019, 12:00:00 AM

🌟COMMITTEE APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN from September 2nd (11.00) to 15th (00.00) ðŸŒŸ

For your application, we need you to send a motivation letter (±1 page), your resumé, and your schedule for this block to between Monday 2 September and Sunday 15 September! If you are still in doubt between two or more of our amazing committees, just apply for multiple and we will try to find the best committee for you. You can apply for a specific position (or none in particular), but we might think that you are better suited for a different position than the one you apply for. In that case, we will contact you first to see whether you agree.

Keep an eye on your email after you have sent in your application, as we will invite you for a short interview.

Also, in case you are selected for a committee, there is a mandatory Committee Workshop after your classes on Tuesday 1 October. It is the perfect opportunity to learn everything about your tasks and bond with your fellow committee members! Please keep this evening free when you apply! 

To give a bit more of context, all of our fabulous AIM Committees will consist of 5 members, each with their own specific tasks. When sending us your committee application, you can choose to apply for a specific position (or for none in particular). The positions you can apply for are the following: 

  • Chair: as the Chair of a committee, you will be the contact person with the AIM Board, chair the meetings and make sure the rest of the committee functions at its maximum capacity
  • Secretary: as a committee’s Secretary, you are in charge of writing down the Year Plan, you take the minutes during the meetings and you make sure the promotion runs smoothly

  • Treasurer: as Treasurer you will be in charge of the budget, keep it up to date and be in contact with our lovely AIM Treasurer Fanny about all things money

  • External: the External Commissioner is in charge of current and establishes new external relations - of course you are not the only one in touch with external partners, but you would be the first point of contact

  • Marketing Officer: the committee’s Marketing Officer is in charge of all things promotion; from posters to promotional videos, you as Marketing Officer can let your creativity run free

You can apply for the following committees:

AIM Sports - for the Olympic prospectives amongst us who want to make other people sweat as well

AIM Party - for the party animals that are up for organizing our fantastic parties and borrels

AIM Diversity - for open-minded, enthusiastic people, willing to share cultures and thoughts with others

AIM Travel - for all the world travelers who would love to organize our amazing trips

AIM Charity - for all the good-karma-seekers and kind-hearted souls willing to work for a good cause

AIM Academic - for the future geniuses who can’t wait to broaden their own and other people’s horizons

AIM Debate - for all of the people whose friends are tired of arguing with them and want to do it professionally

AIM Yearbook - for anyone who wants a pretty yearbook and is interested in making something that lasts

DamMUN - for all the MUN lovers who can’t wait to organize their own MUN conference

AIM Third Year Weekend - for all of you who can’t get over how good Freshmen Weekend was

AIM Merchandise - for all who have an obsession with design and need a creative outlet this year

As for now, we are looking forward to seeing your applications! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us on FB, send us an email or come up to us in the Board Room!

On behalf of the AIM Board 19|20

Cathi ( and Mathilde (