Hello everybody and welcome to AIM MUN!

We are a study committee and, as the name already says, we are all about allowing PPLE students to learn about MUN (Model United Nations) and participate at conferences. We are highly motivated to organise workshops that help you broaden your debating, argumentation and rhetoric skill set through a practical approach. Most importantly: by organising an annual Mock and Official DAMMUN Conference we provide you the opportunity to practice MUN debating style, learn more about sufficient research and become more confident in areas concerning public speaking and argumentation. More than that, you will get to know like-minded students who are also interested in world politics and passionate about similar things! We are super excited to see you soon!

Koray Karaduman - Chair
Aleksandra Ivanova - Secretary

Vladimir Popov - Treasurer
Max van den Hil - External Commissioner

Shayan Kharazi - Marketing Officer