The Board


Hey there! 

We are the seventh AIM Board. AIM stands for Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Multicultural Study Association, it is the study association of PPLE students at UvA. AIM consists of a wonderful and diverse group of members that unite in order to provide you the  best academic year possible, which means all matters regarding your social life will be taken care of by us! Our primary focus is to ensure you guys have an exciting year combining both academic and social events throughout the year. Some of these events include: academic movie nights, memorable parties and borrels, open debates, and cultural trips, to name a few… Sounds good? Mostly, we are here in case you need anything or someone to talk to!

Chair – Neira Dziho 

Hi! I’m 19 years old and I am the AIM Board's Chair. Originally, I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I have a pretty international background as I’ve lived in Bosnia, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey before coming to Amsterdam. As you could probably guess, I’m super interested in different cultures, music, and art (and especially love sharing and discussing this with people), but I also can’t wait to explore my biggest interests in the Law major next year. In my free time I'm usually either at one of my favorite cafes, having drinks with friends or exploring new places with people I love. To me, the best memories are unplanned, and I hope to make many more through AIM. In the past year I’ve been Chair of the AIM Travel Committee, and I’m looking forward to bringing my experience and enthusiasm to the Board – making sure everything goes well, encouraging the development of AIM, and getting to know all the members. I very much value having a strong community, and hope to bring this to PPLE no matter what the circumstances are. Hopefully, I’ll see you on campus soon!



Secretary – Marta Nobre

Hi! Im Marta, 20 years old, and I'm super excited to be the new AIM Board Secretary this year! I am a second year PPLE student majoring in Law. I am Portuguese but was born in Alicante, Spain, and later on moved to Brussels where I graduated high school, quite the switch: goodbye sunshine and beach, hello clouds and rain. Still, I have some of my best memories in Brussels and consider it my home. Since moving to Amsterdam last August I’ve met many incredible PPLE students whom I now consider my close friends! During my free time I enjoy making plans with my lovely friends around the city but also travel, cooking, dancing... everything revolving music actually (especially educating my non-spanish friends on Reggaeton, very important).

As the new Secretary I am super excited to plan and work together with the lovely new AIM Board members to make next year the best experience possible for everyone, like it was for me! Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Treasurer - Oskar Krafft

Hi everyone! I'm 20 years old and grew up in Hamburg (Germany). When I am not studying for PPLE, I enjoy playing football (of course with the AIM Football team), going out with friends and travelling.
AIM has been an essential part to my first year in Amsterdam. Especially in the early weeks upon arrival, the association opened many doors to get to know Amsterdam, settle within the PPLE community, and start friendships. Even though, things will be different for all PPLE students next year, I am confident that we will find new ways to host amazing events. To me, AIM is about growing the PPLE community spirit while giving every student the chance to express themselves and contribute to the community.
Hence, I am super excited to join the Board next year and contribute to the AIM community in my role as the Treasurer!



Internal Commissioner Social - Claire De Hauwer

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well in the midst of these rather weird times. I’m 19, from Brussels, and I have the honour of being appointed as the next Internal Social of the AIM Board . As such, I’ll be spending next year organising aim-azing (please get used to that pun, it’s the association’s only personality trait) events for everyone to get to know each other. Despite the current circumstances, my goal is to provide everyone with fun (and safe!) events to socialise and party 
Feel absolutely free to DM me on Facebook or send me a email (to, I’d love to have a chat with you, be it about AIM, PPLE, where to grab a coffee or a beer, football (I am the lucky goalkeeper of the Netherlands’ worst amateur football team), or anything else that crosses your mind. Hope to talk to you soon, in Amsterdam or online

Internal Commissioner Study – Guoda Vdovycytè

Hello everybody!I am excited to announce that I’ll be the Internal Commissioner Study for the AIM board this year!
Together with my partner-in-crime, the Internal Social, I will be building bridges between the new Committees and the Board as well as assuring that everyone feels supported and heard and, most importantly, has fun. I come from Lithuania (yes, there indeed are 2 Lithuanians on the board this year!) and have been living there all my life. Moving to the Netherlands was my first proper experience of living abroad. Back in high school I was a debater and public speaker, which allowed me to not only win arguments with friends about which place in Amsterdam serves the best kapsalon, but also let my team and I bring the PPE debates cup back home last year, which we are still very proud about. With this in mind, I (of course) chose the Law major in PPLE this year, which I am really looking forward to. Hopefully, one day, I can fulfil my secret dream of becoming a real-life Harvey Specter. Hope to see you all soon and be sure to contact me at 



External Commissioner – Lukrecija Neverovskaja

My name is Lukrecija (easier remembered as Luca/Luka/anything along those lines) and I was born and raised in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. I’ve also lived in the U.S., as I spent an exchange year in New Jersey, where I got a chance to explore some of my interests in politics and human rights more first-hand as well as through a different cultural perspective. Generally, my way of spending free time ranges anywhere from going to various music festivals or exploring the nightlife of Amsterdam or Vilnius, watching movies, reading or visiting art galleries to having chill evenings with friends and some quality food (I’m not the one cooking though, my only expertise is in breakfast that can ease a hangover, so let me know if you need some tips and tricks). I’m excited to strengthen the already existing collaborations, but also expand the existing PPLE circle with more meaningful partnerships that will benefit our community, especially in times like these