The Board


Hey there! 

We are the sixth Board of AIM. We have many goals we want to accomplish this year, some of which are the expansion of sports and arts within AIM, an increase of visibility of AIM, improvement of inter-year network and expansion of stable relations outside of PPLE. If you want to know more about us and each of our roles within the Board, scroll down and read our individual introductions!

Chair – Shinouk Ettema 

Hi all! My name is Shinouk, and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. In PPLE, I major in Politics. As the Chair of AIM, this year I will make sure everything within the association runs smoothly. In my free time, you can find me on a horse or watching trashy reality TV with my roommates. If there is anything you'd like to discuss, come up to me at uni or email me at


Secretary – Daniel Kraamwinkel

Hello everyone! I’m Daniel and I will be the secretary of the board for this year! I am really excited to take on this challenge and cannot wait to make this an amazing year!
I was born and raised in Amsterdam and I am absolutely in love with the city, so this makes me the perfect guide for this beautiful place. In my spare time, I love going to a football game of Ajax, bombarding my friends with facts about the team, having a couple (or more) drinks afterwards or going to a movie (preferably of low quality). Do not hesitate to contact me at 

Treasurer - Fanny Dreyer 

Hi, my name is Fanny and I’m from Salzburg, Austria. I am a second year PPLE student majoring in Law. As Treasurer I will be taking care of the financial side of AIM. I want to make sure that we operate efficiently and fair so that the members get the best out of their membership. I am super excited for all the events in the coming year and hope you are too! You can reach me via email:


Internal Commissioner Social - Cathi Gentzke

Hi, I am Cathi, second year PPLE economics major and Internal Commissioner Social of AIM this year. This means I'm overseeing all the social related committees and making sure they have the support they need to organize our amazing events. I will focus on establishing working communication channels in order to create a fun and efficient atmosphere within AIM! In my study procrastination time I love to play hockey, watch friends or go out for drinks :)  If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to come up to me in person, message me on FB or send an email to

Internal Commissioner Study – Mathilde Rouvillois

Hey guys! I'm Mathilde, a PPLE second year student majoring in Politics. Outside of uni, you can probably find me in a park with friends, in my kitchen or on my laptop planning trips to the other side of the world. This coming year, I will be the Internal Commissioner for the study-related committees. My goal for this year is to create a sustainable link between the AIM Board and the study committees, and provide support and love to our dear committee members. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at !


External Commissioner – Carolina Kerstnig

Hey everyone! I’m Cara, a third year PPLE student majoring in Law, and I was chosen to be AIM’s External Commissioner for the Board of 2019/20. In my free time you will most likely find me having drinks with my friends or watching random documentaries (which add to my extensive repertoire of random facts). In the upcoming year as AIM’s External Commissioner I will further intensify AIM’s relation with other (international) study associations, in order to facilitate the contact to people outside of the infamous “PPLE bubble”. Furthermore, I aim to expand our pool of partner companies and NGO’s that will benefit our members. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via