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Christmas Party

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“What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe” but allow me to tell you a bit more about the last Christmas Party (we will stay decent do not worry).

You showed up with two hundred fifty  people to celebrate the very last AIM party before Winterbreak, and the least we can say is that you did it well!
Upon arrival, you were welcomed by Santa’s disguised in PPLE students - no I swear, it's not the opposite - and after getting in, you got to discover the incredible location we booked for you: Chin Chin Club. Cats and famous poet's quotes on the walls, lanterns on the ceiling, tree on the dancefloor, everything was set to offer you the ideal atmosphere for one final 2019 party.

It was a pleasure seeing how everyone seemed to have a good time. You brought friends, made new friends, and partied with your PPLE friends: that is the real Christmas spirit right? Besides, shoutout to the Board’s reindeers headbands that were probably worn by every single person in the club.

That was our Christmas gift for you guys, hope you enjoyed it <3

We wish you the best for your Christmas holidays, see you in January for more incredible parties and borrels!

Anouk, Anton, Claire, Conny and Luka
Your Party Committee

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