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AIM Winter Formal

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Allow us to start with the most important thing: thank you all so much for coming to the 2020 Winterformal!! You guys went crazy in the ticket sale (130 tickets sold in 9 minutes please), and even though we got you a bigger location than the previous years, you still managed to fill it to its maximum capacity.

The least you can say is that this pre-Valentine’s day party you were so enthusiastic about is going to stick to PPLE’s records as one of the best parties so far. The
location we chose for you was Westerliefde, an industrial yet elegant room. We hope you did not miss on the DJ booth in a boat (yes, an original one), the lampions hanged to the ceiling (it took us a couple of hours to hang them there so please love them), the envelopes hanging on the wall with the name of every person attending the party, in case you wanted to drop something nice in there, our homemade photo wall and even our welcome drinks and snacks.

Besides that, we obviously hope you did not miss how amazing everyone looked in their formal clothes! PPLE students certainly know how to party, but also have very
advanced skills when it comes to dressing up. People danced the night away in stunning outfits and impressively high heels (let’s all pray for a minute for the feet that got destroyed during the night).

On top of partying and looking beautiful, the party committee also prepared for you the matching system, which paired you up with your soulmate, whether it was for a
friendship, a passionate romance, or anything in between. We saw numerous people talking to their matches, getting to know them and, at the end of the day, spreading love duringthis pre-Valentine’s day party.


We hope the people attending the party had a lovely time, we cannot wait until the next one.

Lots of love,
Anouk, Anton, Claire, Conny and Lukrecija
The Party Committee

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