If you’re into traveling, exploring new cultures, food and the best nightclubs in the world, you came to the right place. Our goal is to provide people with an incredible experience, visiting places all over the world while offering the perfect mix of information and fun. We organize a great diversity of trips: from your yearly dose of adventure on our hitch hike trip, to a full week of new cultures, political discussions, and nightlife exploration on our annual spring break trip. Don’t have a big budget this year? Don’t worry! We also organize an even more affordable weekend trip, in which you will explore one of Europe’s finest cities. So, if you’re fed up with the rainy Dutch weather, pack your bags and join us on one – or more – of our amazing trips and let us guide you around the world!The intention of this year’s travel committee is to organize academic and explanatory trips that allow the PPLE students to experience the local cultures of places. Our trips are designed to be educational but also allow everyone to take a break from the workload of PPLE and re-energize.

Chair: Hendrik, Secretary: Ece, Treasurer: Robert, External commissioner: Fanni, Marketing officer: Neira