About AIM

About AIM

AIM is the study association for PPLE bachelor students at the UvA. All AIM events are organized by and for PPLE students! The association was founded in 2014. In the short time we have existed, AIM has become central to the social life of the PPLE community. We are a diverse study association, with members from all over the world. We provide our members with a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Borrels, cultural trips, parties, academic seminars, performance nights... you name it, we organize it!
The AIM Board runs the association and makes sure that everything keeps running smoothly. Our amazing events are organized by our committees. All PPLE students can become AIM members and all members have the possibility to join a committee! As a member of the association you have access to some exclusive events and discounts!

Why AIM?

University is all about finding a balance. As PPLE students, we know how tricky it can be to stay on top of your readings and maintain high academic marks. But we also know the importance of having a good time away from the classroom! From the beginning, AIM has strived to create a positive social environment for all of its members. We encourage students to be active outside of their studies through going on international trips, engaging in critical-thinking at our academic seminars, organizing top-notch parties and developing activities to involve the wider PPLE community. Despite our young history, AIM has and will continue to jazz up our members’ lives for many exciting years to come!

How to get involved?

AIM offers various opportunities to get involved with the association. To become a member, click here! Once you are a member, you can apply to become part of a committee at the start of the academic year.